What is the cause of End Sars?

What is the cause of End Sars?

end sars and police brutality is the major cause of uproar in Nigeria. Please are tired of police brutality in Nigeria. The Nigerian Police were using an excessive brutality to control people and as a result many people rose and form groups of end sars akwa ibom,end sars abuja,end sars in lagos, end sars africa,end sars abeokuta. They called the Buhari president Mrs. Aisha to join the end sars

End sars abuja protest began with peaceful protest with the people gathered at the national assambly demanding to be addressed by the president but there was no good result and the people decided to go to Aso Rock where they met military resistance and lead the death of some of the protesters as the military fired a life ammunition to the protesters.

Amnesty International

However, the Amnesty International monitoring the protest has condemned the action of the Nigeria Army killing the protesters,that are demonstrating to improve basic amenities by the federal government of Nigeria. The Nigerian Military denied the allegation and they are claiming that nobody died as a result of the fired Arm.

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