Police arrested Gambian citizens that killed Nigerian citizen

The West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested Gambian citizens of the persecution of Nigerian citizens who were brought to the West Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Tuesday (27/7/2020). ANTARA News / HO-West Jakarta Metro Police.
even though he changed his identity, the perpetrator was arrested within 1×24 after the incident
Jakarta (ANTARA) – The West Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested JD alias Shark (22), a Gambian citizen who tortured Festus alias Obino Michael Anija (29), a Nigerian citizen to death on Saturday (24/10) afternoon in an apartment in Jakarta. West.

The suspect JD is known to be a friend of the victim, but at the time of the incident the two of them were involved in a commotion which led to the stabbing.

“Our officers from the West Jakarta Metro Police Satreskrim can arrest the perpetrators in approximately 2×24 hours. The evidence confiscated is the knife used to stab the victim to death, “said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Audie Latuheru in Jakarta, Tuesday.

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Audie said that JD’s anger was triggered by a bet on playing console games for Rp1 million.

They played in a state of drunken booze

The victim won the game and asked for money from the JD perpetrator, but this resulted in a riot and abuse of the victim.

“So when a commotion occurs it may also be influenced by alcohol, so that it happens so fast, the perpetrator cannot control himself so he commits a murder,” said Audie.

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The JD perpetrator is known to have fled from the scene of the incident, moments after injuring the victim Festus.

During his escape, the perpetrator had moved from place to place and attempted to remove traces by changing his identity.

“Thanks to information from the public, the perpetrators can be found in the Tanjung Duren area, West Jakarta,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the West Jakarta Metro Police, Kompol Teuku Arsya Khadafi.

Even though the perpetrator was a foreign national, the police took action against him with the law in effect in Indonesia.

“The perpetrator of JD is subject to article 338, then Article 351 paragraph 3 with the threat of 15 years imprisonment,” said Arsya.

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Previously, a witness, L, said that the victim Festus and the perpetrator JD alias Shark came to his girlfriend’s apartment, witness T, on Saturday morning.

The victim and the alleged perpetrator had a chance to chat in African for about half an hour. Then both of them said goodbye to go home. In the afternoon at around 16.00 WIB, the two men came again.

Festus, Shark and witness T had chat with the three of them using African language, then they had time to play console games and drink alcohol accompanied by T. While witness L went into the bathroom.

“The witness heard noise and falling objects, then saw the suspect holding a knife stabbing the victim, while T tried to intervene,” said Arsya.

Next, witness L tried to help Festus, who turned out to be dead and then contacted an ambulance through a security guard.

Meanwhile, the suspected perpetrator contacted his girlfriend, witness DK. Shortly thereafter DK came to the apartment.

Then the perpetrator and T’s brother were not at the scene, allegedly running away.
Reporter: Devi Nindy Sari Ramadhan
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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