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Strangers took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she was stranded in the Texas storm

When a delivery driver began sliding down on an icy Texas driveway, she closed her eyes, praying she wouldn’t hit the client’s home.

Jill Biden is hitting the ground running — in all directions

As far as Jill Biden is concerned, there isn’t necessarily going to be one “first lady platform,” or even two or three. A month into the job, and Biden has heaped a lot on her agenda, unsure at the moment…

Ingenuity helicopter phones home from Mars

The Ingenuity helicopter, sidekick and traveling companion to NASA’s Perseverance rover, has checked in with a good report and is “operating as expected,” according to the agency. It will be the first helicopter to fly on another planet.

Meet the bunnies that helped people survive 2020

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. Many have relied on their furry friends during the pandemic. Here, two people tell the story of how their rabbits helped them survive not only the past year but some of life’s…

Sight of Mars

Temperature at which water freezes: 0°C.Temperature of your deep freezer: -25°C.Coldest winter temperature recorded on earth in a Russian town: – 65°C.Night temperature on Mars: -90°C.The midday (midsol) sun is like the size With recent exploration, it is clear about…

EU should bide its time on China investment deal

Negotiations on a long-awaited treaty on investment between the EU and China appear to be reaching a conclusion. The EU market is one of the most open in the world to foreign investment while China’s remains among the most restricted….

EU and China seal a deal behind Biden’s back

After his election as US president, Joe Biden reiterated his pledge to engage with allies, especially in dealing with an increasingly assertive China. In his inauguration speech, he raised expectations further, promising to ‘repair our alliances’. Mood music from both…

Hear what Heidi Cruz was texting neighbors before Mexico trip – CNN Video

Millions of Texans were left without power, heat, or clean water this week after below-freezing temperatures compromised the state’s power grid. Critics ripped Cruz for fleeing the state for a tropical vacation even as his constituents struggled to stay warm…

A marine biologist is using virtual reality to bring people closer to the ocean

Marine biologist Erika Woolsey is using immersive virtual dives to raise awareness of coral reef damage and inspire action to protect our seas.

Analysis: Nikki Haley learns there’s no halfway with Trump

Nikki Haley’s theory of the case when if she runs for president in 2024 is pretty simple: I’m the parts of Donald Trump you liked without any of the parts you didn’t like! In January, 2016, Nikki Haley, who was…