Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Clinical Virology at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, (MOUAU), Abia State, Dr. Maduike Ezeibe has revealed that he received a query instead of a commendation letter after his invention. Ezeibe is the inventor of the cure for some incurable diseases including Human […]

In most parts of the country, allergy season is in full swing. If you don’t have allergies, there’s always the risk of a troublesome spring or summer cold. But, no matter which affliction your respiratory system ends up doing battle with, you’re going to have to deal with mucus. Mucus […]

Did you know that your feet can talk? It’s true—in the sense that they can tell a reflexologist—a trained practitioner of an ancient version of massage therapy—where your body needs healing. Better still, they can also be part of the cure for whatever ails you. Reflexology is thousands of years […]