It’s not just Australia that’s having a rough start to the new year. Indonesia’s sinking capital of Jakarta and the surrounding areas have been inundated with rain, triggering landslides and floods that have killed dozens of people. As of Tuesday, the torrential downpours have left at least 67 people dead […]

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GUANICA, PUERTO RICO – Cars, cots and plastic chairs became temporary beds for hundreds of families who lost their homes in southwest Puerto Rico as a flurry of earthquakes struck the island, one of them the strongest in a century. The magnitude 6.4 quake that struck before dawn on Tuesday […]

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While Taiwan is often hailed as one of the most advanced democracies in Asia, this democracy is still quite young as the island only emerged from a harsh dictatorship a little over 30 years ago. Thus large questions of what should be its political, social, economic, environmental, and cultural model […]

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A series of floods struck four areas in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, on Tuesday evening. “The floods were caused by an overflow of the Bukit Gading Raya Boulevard River […] starting at 8 a.m. Now, [the water] is being pumped so it will hopefully recede soon,” said Ade, an officer […]

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