Anies and Basuki Different Opinions about the Causes of Jakarta Floods

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono and DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan denied each other related to the causes of Jakarta floods at a press conference at Monas, Jakarta, Wednesday

Initially, Basuki highlighted the normalization that has not yet been fully carried out in the Ciliwung River.

“However, I’m sorry, Mr. Governor (Anies), during the Ciliwung river along the 33 kilometers it was normalized 16 km. In the 16 km we see God willing, it is safe from overflow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Basuki said, along the 17 kilometers of the Ciliwung river that has not been normalized there is still an overflow. Because the river has narrowed and there are still houses standing on the riverbank.

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“If you look at it now, the house is not on the bank, but in a riverbed. This is not an easy thing. This is his expertise to be persuasive. Without it, he will surely face repeated incidents like this [if not normalized],” he said.

On that basis, Basuki said he would sit together with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to discuss this. The effort emphasized by Basuki was to ask Anies to do land acquisition.

“Including the Pesanggarahan River also with the Ciliwung River sodetan to the East Canal Flood, he is taking steps to liberate his land because we have done 1.2 kilo meters, 600 meters,” he said.

On the same occasion, Anies dismissed Basuki’s statement. He said river normalization would not function in relation to flooding if there was no water control from areas south of Jakarta.

“So, as long as water is left from the south entering Jakarta and there is no control from the south, whatever we do on the coast including in Jakarta will not be able to control the water,” said Anies.

He also gave an example of normalization in the Kampung Melayu region which was carried out by his side, but it still experienced flooding.

“This means that the key is in water control before entering the coastal area,” concluded Anies.

“But, as long as we let the water flow just like that, no matter how wide the river is, then the volume of water will be extraordinary. Because more and more areas are used for housing. So that the water also flows into the river,” he continued.

The former Minister of Education and Culture then stressed that there are quick steps in completing water control before entering the coastal area or Jakarta.

“But in this phase the important thing is that the residents are safe, handling quickly, after that we sit together to ensure that the master plan for flood resolution is synchronous,” he concluded.

It is known, the term normalization is often used in the era before the leadership of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan. When leading, Anies often expressed another word, namely naturalization.

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta itself claims to have budgeted Rp288 billion for the river normalization-naturalization program at the end of last year.

Previously, Deputy Chairperson of Commission A of DKI Jakarta DPRD for the 2014-2019 period William Yani mentioned that the handling of Jakarta floods was hampered by Anies’ promise not to displace residents from the riverbanks.

In his statement to CNN Indonesia TV, urban planning observer Yayat Supriatna said there were at least four factors triggering the severity of the Jakarta flood this time.

First, drainage or drainage channels that are no longer able to accommodate the flow of water. Second, rainfall is high and evenly distributed in Jakarta and in areas around Jakarta for a long duration.

The drainage system was designed in the colonial period, used until this time. This is severe, “Yayat said.

Third, environmental factors are getting worse. Fourth, the aggressive development factor.

“The road has been improved, but the water system is in shambles. Every rain [with rainfall] is 50-100 mm, we are exhausted to overcome it,” he continued.

Yayat also suggested that an audit of the drainage system, a spatial audit, an audit of settlement areas that were no longer liveable.

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